Take Water out of the Textile Dyeing Process.

Save Money and the Environment

Make textile dyeing in water ….. history!


eCO2Dye has developed a waterless textile dyeing process and equipment for dyeing. The process uses carbon dioxide as the solvent for dyeing as opposed to water as the medium in conventional dyeing.


Our Process for dyeing polyester offers the following advantages versus conventional dyeing in water

• CO2 replaces water as the dye solvent

• Saves energy

• Uses fewer and less chemicals

• Generates practically no waste streams

• Carbon dioxide is recycled and not vented

• Reduces the number of process steps

• Simplifies dyeing chemistry

• Reduces plant footprint

• Flexibility in site location


eCO2dye has also developed additional technology to support your dyeing operations:

• 60 - 90 minute dyeing cycle depending on color

• Selection of disperse dyes that work well in our process. Create a palette of colors with these dyes.

• Color database for your use

• Use color match capability

• Dyed polyester meets AATCC tests


Now with Proven Color Matching Technology