Textile Dyeing

Our pilot plants are equipped with dyeing vessels that vary from 5 to 20 liters allowing you to dye from 1 to 5 yarn cones in each batch. You can also dye fabric on a beam. We tailor the pilot facility to meet your requirements.


Features of pilot plant


• Replication of full production facility

• Full automation

• Yarn dyeing in a standard package

• Fabric beam dyeing

• CO2 recovery and recycle

• Measurement of utilities consumption

• Use of single or multiple dyes


Use our pilot plant to accomplish the following:

• Test individual process in steps

• Convince yourself that scCO2 dyeing is for you

• Generate dyed fabric and yarn samples for customers

• New product and process development

• See dye changeover in action


Pilot Systems

For more information about the systems, visit the
Applied Separations website.